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Save the Kid Fund's most exclusive program is Robbie's Riders. Robbie's Riders is our adaptive bicycle program, named in memory of the  late Robbie Cutler. Robbie proudly served on the Board of Directors with our friends at Grampy's Charities; A charity that collaborates with organizations like ours to assist and support children in need. Robbie's Riders provides the opportunity for children with all abilities to enjoy the childhood experience of bicycle riding,  positively impacting their lives in a variety of ways!


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Save The Kid has proudly given over 500 bikes to kids in need. 

Many children with disabilities may have challenges with: mobility, vision, neurological and other symptoms related to their diagnosis that prevent them from being able to ride a bicycle. Robbie's Riders gives these children the equal opportunity they deserve to: exercise, socialize, and experience the childhood pleasure of  bicycle riding along with their peers and families. 

Our recipients are no longer excluded from participating as this program provides adaptive bicycles, customized to support their individual needs, at no cost to the family.  Robbie's Riders fosters growth in countless ways!




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