Save the Kid Fund is also known as Robbie's Riders. Robbie's Riders pertains exclusively to our cycle program. All money given to Robbie's Riders is put in our Freedom Program (which is soon to be known as Robbie's Riders) and is used to fund cycles in the area that the money came from (i.e. money donated in CT funds cycles in CT and FL money in FL)

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Save The Kid has proudly given over 400 bikes to kids in need. 

The Freedom Program provides adaptive bicycles to children who can not ride a regular bike.

“Imagine you’re 9, maybe 10 years old, it’s summertime and all your friends are taking their bikes out on the town – but not you.

You can’t because you have a disability that prevents you from riding a normal bike like other kids. You go inside, watch your buddies from the window wheeling away- maybe in the direction of the ice cream stand, to the park or down to the beach." 

A Gift of Wheels by Nicole Souza, Mystic River Press July 8, 2004


Many children with disabilities may have an array of conditions preventing them from riding a bicycle these challenges may include but are not limited to non-ambulatory, challenges with mobility, seizures disorders ,cerebral palsy and other medical conditions

They often do not get the opportunity to participate in the typical childhood experiences such as riding a bicycle. Robbie's Riders gives children with disabilities the ability to exercise, socialize, and the feeling of freedom riding a bicycle along with their peers.


Thanks to Robbie's Riders children can have an experience without barriers. Our recipients are no longer excluded from childhood leisure's and are often admired for having one of the coolest bikes in the neighborhood. Save The Kid Fund - Robbie's Riders provides these adaptive bicycles to children with disabilities.